Kim Gordon: Flung, 2014

10.5 x 14 x .125 inches

Edition of 250 copies.

Part documentation, part seductive, part domestic. Flung is comprised of one 10.5 x 14 inch unbound signature (16 pages). In Flung, Gordon, with her iPhone makes the day-to-day visible prior to her exhibition, Design Office: Coming Soon, April 4–26, 2014 held at the Fitzpatrick-Leland House.

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Design Office began in 1980 as a way to practice art outside of the gallery system. The first projects involved friends’ apartments. D.O. was to be sort of a reflective intervention into the lifestyle of the clients. Objects and a physical change to the interior based on the personality and desires/needs of the client. The design activity was not meant to be well executed or look a certain way, have a certain look or style. If anything it was a lo-fi aesthetic using or recycling other aesthetics.
—Kim Gordon