Curry & Hawkins: TuffTiddy, 2023

10 x 9 x .1 inches

Edition of 200 cassettes

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Los Angeles artists Richard Hawkins and Aaron Curry collaborate as cowtown jamboree-style duo “Curry & Hawkins”. Curry’s original compositions on guitar, keyboard and drumkit dry-hump ham radio spaghetti western soundtrack static as Hawkins’s mashed potato side-dish of honkytonk crooners and 70s PopRocks™ anthymns launch UFOs that circle like buzzards overhead. A catatonic mental patient narrates all: Jerry Lee Lewis and Grace Jones, Nino Rota and Styx, Dr Pepper™ and Thorazine™. “Tuff Tiddy”, a half oath for “tough shit”, “Tough titty said the kitty when the milk went dry.”

Released on Jacuzzi Brains.